Apex Elite Athletes

Nhan and Jessa Ngyuen 

What started off as "just a way to look better for each other", became more of a hobby to us. From the beginning, staying active has always been important to us, but to add powerlifting in the mix has definitely helped build a stronger bond between us.


Thea Olalia

To the regular gym-goer, powerlifting is simple. Just three lifts to master, right? But between the devotion to proper recovery, the thousands of pounds of volume each week, and the meticulous attention to technique required to keep putting more weight on the bar, there is little room for self doubt and unhealthy habits in powerlifting. Simply, I continue to build self love and appreciation as I pursue something as seemingly trivial as my total.


Jules Beardy  

Fighting was always something that stayed close to my heart growing up in my reserve lake, St Martin First Nation. I was always a fan of martial arts movies and shows. When I was 17 years old I started martial arts, eventually moved to Winnipeg and pursued fighting shortly after. To me this is my love, my passion, and part of my warrior spirit.  

Emmedale "Boojie" Miranda

My fitness journey started with basketball and running the track. As I became a regular gym goer, I started to learn more about weight lifting and general fitness. As I progressed, I wanted to take my fitness goals to the next level. Not just in competition, but also by expanding my knowledge. From there I enrolled at the University of Winnipeg for a degree in Exercise Science. And also competed in my first bodybuilding show in MABBA. I enjoy learning new techniques and the process of training. My next goal is to continue expanding my knowledge and also to continue in competition, not only in bodybuilding but also in weight lifting, powerlifting and cross-fit.




Olimar Gutierrez

At a young age I wasn’t always the “good kid”. But luckily for me, I was introduced into a lot sports to keep me occupied from the environment around me growing up. As years went by my ambition to become a better athlete, the consistency of going to the gym everyday, and the countless hours that was put in, became much more than that. The gym became my safe haven. It was my way of isolating myself from the negativity around me. It’s what kept me from getting into a lot of trouble and it changed me to the person who I am now. So I get a lot of "how do you manage to go to the gym everyday?" Simply, it became a lifestyle and my own way of relieving all the day to day struggles everyone goes through each day.