About Apex Elite

Co-Founders of Apex Elite 

Henry de Guzman and Daniel Monteverde started their passion for fitness during their high school years. What started as a 'journey' became a permanent lifestyle. Both realized the fulfillment being active can bring to a person's life and sought to help others realize this same feeling. In the pursuit of owning a business and having their own space for personal training, they began Apex Elite as a means to bring awareness to their cause. Over time, the brand has evolved into something more meaningful; a community, and hopes to continue to change and grow with the people. Apex Elite brings the best out of a person through the same ideas and passion for fitness. This causes a ripple affect through the people around them, and continues to grow each day. 

Our Mission

Apex Elite was built on the idea that a person can become something more on their own and reach their 'Apex', but can achieve something more with an 'Elite' group of people.
Strive for something greater, achieve it with a group of people #becomeApexElite


Apex Elite has been and always will be a community driven brand. We strive to create a place where people of all walks of life can grow and find who they are through fitness and activity.